About Blacklion Tires

As today's OE tires inevitably wear out, Blacklion's PLT program will be constantly evolving to meet the new demand. This seems like such as obvious strategy for product development, but one that is overlooked by 95% of the value tier tire manufacturers. The reason most factories don’t focus on this is because staying relevant is expensive. Blacklion is committed to maintaining a constant eye on product development and industry relevance.

Blacklion Tires are the product of world class engineering, real world Canadian Testing and Canadian distribution. Our tires are built in the most technologically advanced factories with only the best raw materials. Once these world class tires are produced, they are tested right here in Canada by our Canadian engineering team and a host of Professional drivers.

Blacklion Tires are sold and serviced exclusively by OK Tire who is an icon in the Canadian tire market.

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Contact Us

For information regarding Blacklion Passenger and Light Truck Tires please contact at: info@blackliontires.ca